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"WHALES" Kaohsiung Live Houses 

Kaohsiung, Taiwan



Kaohsiung City Government



1st Prize competition.

Architecture, urban planning, sustainability, public space, live houses, concert halls

This project of live houses , which we call (and now all Kaohsiung calls) the "whales" , is part of the Kaohsiung Pop Music Center.
We won the competition in 2011 and the whales opened in 2017 . It was the first to be completed and they constitute a series of spaces facing the sea, where events, concerts, presentations, etc. can be organized.

Its green roof are passable. People can go up to contemplate the port and the sea from there. A good place at sunset.
The whales are set back several meters from the edge to allow a great pedestrian and bicycle promenade by the sea.
From the streets that lead to the bay, the backs of the whales are seen as a moving green horizon of the city.

fotografía / Photography Yi-Hsien Lee

Inside , you reach a large double-height space where the second level of the Exhibit looks out. Here you can see one of the complete structural trees. The interior design will be carried out by the company that rents the building, so the project was delivered in the rough, as seen in the photo. I like it like that.


photography Manuel Monteserin


Elevation in front of the promenade

Roof Floor

Parking Floor

Planta Live Houses

There are six whales, two large (XL), two medium (M) and two small (S). and they are connected by a large parking lot in the basement.


The roof , close to the ground at the access with a free height of just over four meters, gradually gains height as it approaches the sea until it reaches 14 meters in height.

The vertical communication cores , made of concrete and with a red roof, also serve to house the facilities and are structurally essential to give stability to the building in the event of an earthquake.



Cross section

Cross elevation

photography Manuel Monteserin


photography Manuel Monteserin


photography Manuel Monteserin


photography Manuel Monteserin

They were not yet open to the public. A couple jumped over the fence and snuck into Whale # 3. They were holding each other for a long time and several photos were taken with the port in the background. That was, for me, the moment of its inauguration .

Night is coming and the whales are full of life .

Music and gastronomy events are frequently organized.

The beachfront promenade is usually filled with Food trucks and street food stalls , on the decks of the live houses you can dance to electronic music sessions and indoors, attend video game presentations or jazz concerts .

Video by Ultra Combos Co., Ltd

Video by Ultra Combos Co., Ltd


Photo by Ultra Combos Co., Ltd

Photo by Ultra Combos Co., Ltd

Photo by Ultra Combos Co., Ltd


Arquitecto/Architect Team Leader
Manuel A. Monteserín Lahoz

Beatriz pachón Castrillo, Javier Simó de Pedro


Socio Local/Local Partner
Mark Ongg


Partner and project manager/socio y gestión de proyecto: 



Manuel Alvarez-Monteserín lahoz
Beatriz Pachon Castrillo
javier Simó de pedro 
謝孟翰 Meng Han Hsieh
呂致遠 Jose Lu
紀彥竹 Yen Chu A’lvaro
黃卓仁 Joren Huang
詹育霖 Yu-Lin Chan
李宗霖 Tsung-Lin Lee
Iñigo Redondo
Luis Marcos
Alicia Domingo
Beatriz Crespo
José María De Cárdenas
Luis Ybarra Gutiérrez
José Luis López de Lemus
José Carlos Oliva Garrido
Tomás Osborne Ruiz
Marian Bada Sánchez
Antonio Miguel García Librero
María Castro Hormigo
Manuel Tirado Crespo
Rosa Cantillana Merchante
Marco Antonio García Gálvez
Salvador Sanchez Gonzalez
Rubén Silva Lobato
Alejandra Díaz de Cárdenas
Esther Espejo Lucena
Fernando Gallinato Díaz
Isabel García Madrona
Angel Linares Gar´cia
José Buzón González
Carmen Zammarchi
‎Luis García Rodríguez

team competition/equipo concurso:

Manuel Alvarez-Monteserín lahoz 
Beatriz Pachón Castrillo
Javier Simó de Pedro
Luis Marcos Nieto
Iñigo Redondo Barranco
Alicia Domingo Medrano
Beatriz Crespo
Guiomar Contreras
Ismael García Abad
Angel Abruña
Jaime López
Maria Mallo Zurdo
Juan Ignacio Alvarez Monteserin Lahoz
Jorge López
Laura Martin
Teresa Santas
Sara Perez
Lain Satrustegui
Andrés Infantes
Antonio Alejandro



結構顧問Structure Consultant

科建聯合工程顧問有限公司 Tec-Build United Structure Engineer Office
聯邦工程顧問股份有限公司 Federal Engineering Consultant Inc.


機電顧問MEP Consultant
美商栢誠國際(股)台灣分公司Parsons Brinckerhoff


舞台顧問 Theatre Consultant
乙太設計顧問有限公司 Yitai Design Consultant


聲學顧問Acoustic Consultant
XU – ACOUSTIQUE 徐氏聲學顧問事務所
徐亞英 Albert Xu


交通顧問Transportation Consultant
美商美聯科技股份有限公司臺灣分公司 Chinese American Technology Corporation
美華工程科技顧問有限公司 Mei-Hwa Engineering Technology Consultants , Co.


景觀顧問Landscape Consultant
老圃造園工程股份有限公司Old Farmer Landscape Architecture Co.


帷幕顧問Curtain Wall Consultant
科鐽工程顧問有限公司PKD Engineering Consultants


照明顧問Lighting Design Consultant
袁宗南照明設計事務所J.Y. Lighting Design


3D顧問 3D Consultant
利道科技工程有限公司Leaddao Technology


環評顧問Environmental Science Consultant
慧群環境科技股份有限公司 Environmental Science Corporation


防火顧問Fire Protection Consultant


風洞實驗顧問Wind Tunnel Lab. Consultant
祺昌工程科技有限公司 Cheetah Industrial Aero-Dyna. Tech Co., Ltd.


綠建築顧問Green Building Consultant

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