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Manuel Alvarez-Monteserin Lahoz

Manuel is a multidisciplinary architect .

His activity focuses on creative processes that unite design , architecture and art .

He is currently about to open the "Maritime and Pop Music Center in Kaohsiung" , an 88,000m2 project in Taiwan that bears his signature, he also teaches communication and graphic expression at the IED school , collaborates with other architecture studios doing infographics, He is the tutor of various innovation projects at the IED INNOVATIONLAB , including "The city on Mars" wich was recently awarded by NASA .

It is among the 30 most influential studies in Spain according to The New York Times Style Magazine Spain.

During the career he worked in the studio of Gabriel Allende with whom he learned the trade of the architect.

Once he graduated from ETSAM , together with six other architects, he founded the Leon11 collective. They won numerous awards and developed a complex, diverse and free way of understanding architecture.

In 2005 he founded Manu-Facturas ( ), an infographics company with which he currently produces images for numerous architecture offices. He has collaborated with studios such as Tuñón and Mansilla, Federico Soriano, Andrés Perea, Manuel Ocaña, Aranguren Gallegos, Lamela, Rafael de la Hoz, Eduardo Arroyo, Izaskun Chinchilla, Andrés Jaque, etc.

In 2011 he founded  Madein Architects with two partners and they are developing various international projects.

As of 2015, he works independently as an architect, associating temporarily with different structures as a node of a large network.



2019. SPECIAL MENTION. House of Happiness Contest in Bogotá.

2018. FIRST PRIZE IN THE UNIVERSITIES LEAGUE. Competition for the design of a city ​​of one million inhabitants on Mars. Award given by NASA. Project carried out at the IED INNOVATION LAB.

2018. FIRST DESIGN AWARD. Competition for the design of a city ​​of one million inhabitants on Mars . Award given by NASA . Project carried out at the IED INNOVATION LAB.

2018. THIRD PRIZE. Competition for the design of public space in Tebaida (Colombia).

2018. FINALIST . Contest for the design of exhibitions in CASA MAHOU . Made with EMPTY.

2014. THIRD PRIZE . Competition for the Feng-Shan station in Kaohsiung.

2012. FIRST PRIZE. Unique stations for the Kaohsiung tram (Taiwan). Made In Architects together with CAF and EVERGREEN win the competition for the development of the tram in Kaohsiung city.

2012. SPECIAL MENTION. Competition for the urban development of the Port of Helsinki .

2011. FIRST PRIZE . International competition for the construction of The Maritime and Pop Music Center in Kaohsiung (Taiwan). Budget of 100,000,000 euros and 88,000 square meters of built area. It opened in 2020.

2008. SPECIAL MENTION. Contest for the San Chinarro Market. Madrid.

2008. FIRST PRIZE. Avilés Airport Parking Contest .

2008. SECOND PRIZE . International urban planning competition in the Yujiapu district , China.

2007. SPECIAL MENTION. EUROPAN9 Competition . Lillestrom. Norway.

2007. SECOND PRIZE . EUROPAN9 Competition . Loures. Portugal.

2007. SECOND PRIZE. EUROPAN9 Competition . Badajoz. Spain.

2007. SECOND PRIZE. VORES BY. International Competition for the City CARLSBERG in Copenhagen .

2004. SPECIAL MENTION. Competition for the Ibero-American Architecture Biennial. EMERGING ARCHITECTURE.




2020. Maritime and Pop Music Center in Kaohsiung (Taiwan) . Budget of 100,000,000 euros and 88,000 square meters of built area. It opened in 2020.

2017. Preliminary project for the Sports Center of the Barley Market (Madrid) .

2016. Unique stations C9 and C11 for the Kaohsiung tram . (Taiwan) (Currently built C9 station).

2010. Information pavilions at the UAM . Built in 2011.




2019. Selected in the international traveling exhibition ARCHIPAPER.

2015. Exposed in "EXPORT" at the ICO Museum.

2014. "MADE IN TAIWAN" Conference at the European University.

2014. "MADE IN TAIWAN" conference for students of ETSAM projects .

2014. "MADE IN TAIWAN" conference for ETSAM doctoral students .


2012. "MADE IN TAIWAN" Conference at Taichung University (Taiwan).




2008. Conference "COLLECTIVE ENVIRONMENT" in the Matadero de Madrid.

2007. Conference "FIVE CONDITIONS" at the OSLO Faculty of Architecture.

2007. Workshop together with Benedetta tagliabue at the Faculty of Architecture in Copenhagen.

2007. “TIME WILL TELL” conference at the Copenhagen Faculty of Architecture .

2007. Exposed at FRESH FORWARD at the COAM foundation .




Currently and since 2014 he teaches graphic expression techniques at the IED.

Currently and since 2018 he is the tutor of the Final Degree Project of the Interior Design promotion of Design students at the IED.

2018. He was a mentor of the TRIM project in the RED BULL BASEMENT organized together with the IED INNOVATION LAB.

2018. He was tutor of the IKEA PROJECT (ServeWare and smart kitchens, kitchens and ways of eating and serving in the future) organized together with the IED INNOVATION LAB.

2018. He was tutor of the Education League HP NASA project organized by the IED INNOVATION LAB.

Obtaining the FIRST PRIZE of the league of universities and the FIRST PRIZE of design.

2017. He was a visiting professor at the AA school in London to hold a ten-day workshop on graphic expression and representation techniques.

2016. He was professor of Disruptive Projects in 3rd of Interior Design at the IED.

2011. He was coordinator of group 05 at pH08 organized by the Aranea group in Alicante.

2012-2004. He founded LA LEONERA where he has taught support tutorials in end-of-studies projects from different schools of architecture.

During all these years he has been invited on numerous occasions to Jurys in different universities in Spain and Taiwan.

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