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Vores BY. Carlsberg city in Copenhagen


Copenhagen , Denmark.







Town planning



Second prize


Architecture, urbanism, framework, sustainability, possibilism, simmering urbanism, racks, limits, filters, axes

image arts and crafts2.jpg

The competition proposes the design of a new urban fabric in the place where the Carlsberg factories are currently located in Copenhagen.

To frame the contest within a theoretical framework, we focus on the following topics:


Urban Strategy. Providing vs planning.


We think that the contemporary city has demonstrated the failure of the imposition of totalitarian and definitive planning, and therefore we are committed to an open urbanism that allows the city to gradually determine its growth parameters.


It does not seem appropriate to propose a finished city, a city in which there is no possibility of evolution. We therefore believe that it is convenient to set some first actions and that these will provide future developments.


Four Frames. Four Filters. Four Elevations.


Why not begin to build this void along its borders with the consolidated city?

Each of the four borders of the area of ​​action specializes according to its urban context and the specific contribution it must make to the future growth and development of the interior.





What are the four frames?


  • Arts and Crafts . This frame or urban limit is formed by an artists' neighborhood. This neighborhood, as if it were a large workshop, will participate in future design work in the city in order to consolidate its own image and identity.


alzado arts.jpg


  • Wheeled tracks. This frame is constituted by a large loading and unloading dock with a large parking capacity. With this filter we want to strip the developing city of polluting vehicles.



alzado wheeled.jpg


  • Travolator . This frame is a great public transport interchange. It will connect all the transport networks and infrastructures that converge in the new city.



alzado travolator.jpg


  • Natural Sphere. This frame is the green lung of the new city. It is a large green area where renewable energy production devices are integrated.

alzado natural.jpg


In this way, the future urban fabric is connected to the existing city through four frames, and each one of the frames provides a series of networks that will define and enable the growth of the new urban fabric.
And what will this city of the future be like? That only time will tell..


01 Theoretical framework.


02 Urban Development


03 Frame 1: Arts and Crafts


04 Frame 2: Wheeled Tracks


05 Frame 3: Travolator


06 Frame 4: Natural Sphere


07 Game board. Networks that enable future urban growth.

A route is proposed from the top of the Madrid cornice to the River through an inhabited park and a route from Plaza de España to the Puerta de Toledo through a large Balcony and a Gallery.


This is a great opportunity for locals to look out onto the balcony of its Corniche, look at the River and go down to the shore.


It is the opportunity for this no man's land to be a fertile area for activities while maintaining its status as a green hillside and park.



08 Urban development strategies


09 Urban identity and sustainability


10 Image under construction.





Manuel Álvarez -Monteserín

Alberto Alvarez Agea

Maria Mallo

Ana Zazo

Ana Penalba






3D Manu-Facturas



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