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"La Sala". 10 Achitecture models.




3d Art Virtual Design

Architecture, 3d models, virtual design, 3d Art


In 2019 I decided to repeat the routine of a 3d a day that I had already done for months in 2017.

This time I found it interesting to present the models in a domestic space .

The LA SALA collection includes some of the architectural 3D that I made that I find most interesting. Each image is made in a single day.


Some are three-dimensional collages where I mix, separate, and regroup the elements of old models from a contest, others I do from scratch and possibly are the germ of future ideas.

habita07 germen.jpg

PART 1. Exoskeleton of laminated wood and white lacquered on the outside. It works at different scales, as a piece of furniture for rest, as a three-dimensional diagram of an Opera, as a lookout-house on top of a tower, etc.


PART 2. Three-dimensional collage. Assembly of 3d models. Model that talks about growth and the grouping of basic units to form complex architectures.

PIECE 3. Architecture that dances frozen in an instant. Its structure is very light so that its contact with the ground is practically invisible.


PIECE 4. Glass and steel model. He is a strange intruder in this domestic space. The very thin steel bars build all its edges and the reflections and brightness make up their faces.

PIECE 5. Model of an industrial and brutalist architecture made of cardboard.


PIECE 6. These two towers connect at different levels and in different ways. It could be the beginning of a dance, the moment before a hug.

PIECE 7. Model where the different functional units are arranged as melodies in a score generating a complex and musical architecture that reminds me of that of the organs of cathedrals.

PIECE 8. Different groups of tiny spaces take their place on this fabric of vertical filaments. These colonies are related to each other creating new heavier and transversal structures.


PIECE 9. Model of icy architecture. Its material diffuses light and reduces shadows. Geometric steam. Snowflake architecture.

PIECE 10. Each one of the bodies of this pair of dancing cities is formed in turn by the meeting of two different matters that are entangled. One would be the public space and the other the private space. One opaque and continuous and the other transparent and fragmented, but both moving with the same rhythm.


Manuel A. Monteserín Lahoz

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