Intervention at the Helsinki Harbour

Helsinki, Finland




26,400 m2


Contest called by the City Planning Department. City of Helsinki.



Public space


Special Mention


Architecture, urban planning, sustainability, market, cultural space, spa centers.

This is a contest promoted by the City Planning Department of Helsinki to intervene in the entire southern area of ​​the city's port.

To respond to this, we created an architectural landscape combining different typologies , each one suited to a program and a specific environment. A heterogeneous fabric that dialogues with each part of the city.

On days when cruise ships land, the project will absorb crowds around the port. But most days, the project should be part of the life of the residents of Helsinki. To do this, we complement the cruise program with various parks, a market, a museum and a sauna area. These programs are organized on a higher level to free the ground and thus not lose sight of the city and the sea.


In the cruise ship arrival area there is a large platform to accommodate both travelers and their vehicles. On this platform a series of structures rise that can remind us of large fungi and in whose canopy green rest areas and sauna are housed.

These green spaces are connected to T'htitornin Vuori through a series of walkways generating an extension of the green area of the hill and a fast connection to access the boats.

Currently in this area there is a street market with food stalls, clothes, etc. We propose to consolidate it and provide it with the necessary facilities. in this way we will create a market level in panta baja and a gastronomic area with bars, gourmet clubs and restaurants on the deck.

In this third area we propose a building where different public squares are stacked and configure a large sports and cultural center . It will present an open program so that neighborhood institutions and associations can adjust it to their needs. You can skate during the winter on its different decks, attend concerts, enjoy numerous exhibitions and if you want, go from top to bottom by bicycle.




Manuel Álvarez -Monteserín Lahoz, Beatriz Pachón Castrillo


Manuel Álvarez-Monteserín Lahoz, Beatriz Pachón Ignacio Álvarez-Monteserín lahoz, Jaime López, Jorge Lopez, Alicia Medrano, Luis Marcos, Ismael García, Sverre Mæx Hegrenæs Stenersen




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