Museo Guggenheim de Helsinki

Helsinki, Finland




8,750 m2


Contest organized by the Guggenheim Helsinki Supported Foundation.


Public space.

Architecture, urban planning, sustainability, museum, cultural space, artist workshops.

South elevation

This is a competition for a new Guggenheim Museum in the Port of Helsinki.

Our proposal values ​​the artist's activity above the finished work, understanding the museum as a tour of the space where art is experienced at the moment of creation.

In this way we propose three levels. The first and most important is that of artists' workshops . It is the upper level and is made up of a group of wooden cabins with large skylights. These cabins allow different configurations of spaces, from small individual workshops to large common rooms. At the lower level will be the archive rooms , where the works once completed and the different collections will be exhibited.

Between this level and the level of the workshops, we will have a large square that will remind us of the forests of Finland , with numerous wooden pillars and mounds where you can sit, listen to concerts, conferences, etc.

West elevation

3d by Manu-Facturas

View from the sea

The large museum square is on the roof of the archive rooms. This roof presents a topography formed by the superimposition of wooden rings , which allows diffuse lighting in the rooms on the one hand and different tiered areas on the surface on the other. This public space, crossed by a multitude of wooden pillars, serves as access to the different levels of the museum and as a meeting place, conferences and open-air concerts.

Large square

3d by Manu-Facturas

Plaza Luis Arango


Access to workshops and artists' residence.

The artists' workshops and residences , located on the upper level, are like small cabins in the trees and can be crossed by museum visitors, as if it were a small town. With this we bring the visitor closer to the creative process by encouraging adults and children to participate in it.

Workshops and artists' residence.


Coffee shop

archive room. Collection.

archive room. Collection.





Manuel Álvarez -Monteserín Lahoz, Beatriz Pachón Castrillo


Manuel Álvarez-Monteserín Lahoz, Beatriz Pachón Castrillo, Ana Carrascosa, Jorge lópez, Juan Ignacio Alvarez-Monteserín Lahoz


3d Manu-Facturas