"GREEN SEED" Green City in FengShan

FengShan, Kaohsiung, Taiwan




Town planning. Public space.

Third award

Architecture, urban planning, sustainability, public space, park, nature.


The Kaohsiung City Council wants to bury the Feng Shan Station and is promoting an ideas competition to see what is done with all the space that is freed up.

The fundamental problem of this city is the shortage of public spaces and the excessive traffic of motorcycles that generates large CO2 emissions and noise pollution .

With this project we want to plant in Kaohsiung the seed of the city of the future . A seed of clean and green urban fabric that can gradually spread throughout the city.

We find it interesting to propose a landscape where architecture and nature coexist without the limits between each one being very defined.

A great park where architecture flourishes as if it were just another natural species .

Taiwan has a great diversity of plant species, which over the years has generated a rich gastronomy . Taiwanese cuisine is closely linked to preventive medicine , and Taiwanese know very well what healing properties each of their recipes has.

We want this urban project to act in the same way. We want the city to heal and regenerate . It has healing properties due to its great biodiversity.

In this way, and having nature as a model, we propose a heterogeneous urban fabric that grows little by little and has the capacity to learn this care. This fabric is made up of different layers that overlap and relate to each other. These layers will be destined to the three fundamental aspects for the individual: nature-gastronomy-health, body and mind.





Manuel Alvarez-Monteserín Lahoz

Beatriz Pachon Castrillo

Local Partner

HAO Architects

Joren Huang


Manuel Alvarez-Monteserín Lahoz

Beatriz Pachón Castrillo

HAO Architects

Joren Huang

Luis Marcos
Javier Gutierrez

Javier Mengotti

Jorge Lopez

Ismael Garcia

Guiomar Contreras

Juan ignacio Alvarez-Monteserin lahoz

Jaime López



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