Urban Intervention on the Cornisa of Madrid


Madrid. Spain





EUROPAN contest


Public space


Architecture, urbanism, slope, unevenness, border, connection

A route is proposed from the top of the Madrid cornice to the River through an inhabited park and a route from Plaza de España to the Puerta de Toledo through a large Balcony and a Gallery.


This is a great opportunity for locals to look out onto the balcony of its Corniche, look at the River and go down to the shore.


It is the opportunity for this no man's land to be a fertile area for activities while maintaining its status as a green hillside and park.


The Avilés airport car park was a project highly conditioned by the premises established by the regulations for this type of building.


The project was planned looking for the least possible visual pollution despite its large dimensions, given that the environment has a great landscape value. We wanted the building not to be seen from the air. We achieve this through a distribution of metal panels that on their upper face had the colors of the landscape. We distribute these colors by pixelating the environment and assigning a pixel to each panel.

It also proposes a vegetal skin that serves on the one hand as a filter that reduces CO2 emissions from vehicles and on the other to reduce the visual impact at the pedestrian level.

To reduce consumption and take advantage of natural ventilation, we open the basement through green slopes that connect it to the ground floor.


We won the first prize, but when it came to carrying out the basic project, Aena wanted to dispense with the plant elements, slopes and canopies, issues that we considered essential for the project, so we finally did not sign the contract.






Manuel Álvarez -Monteserín

Alberto Alvarez Agea

Ana Zazo

Alfonso Ruano





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