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In 2019 he continued with the animal series.

You can see the previous ones: animalario I and animalario II on this website.

Here, these soft beings in their forms and digital in their being, occupy this virtual domestic space and relate to it.

There are metallic and shiny, heavy and carved in wood, others are resin and oil and there are also several methacrylate and viscera.

It is the realistic representation of the unreal .


ANIMAL 1. Animal bathed in a polished metal with exoskeleton, ribs, internal organs, villi and tentacles. Presides over the assembly hall.

ANIMAL 2. Animal with a soft and shiny body with superficial capillaries and external organs. It can adapt to any perimeter and quickly change volume and shape.


ANIMAL 3. Segmented animal with a soft body and a semi-rigid translucent shell. It has large vesicles that contain honey reserves.


ANIMAL 4. This animal with light and sensitive white petals watered by fine aerial capillaries, has a gelatinous body that extends a multitude of tentacles. Its complex circulatory system contains narrow and elongated reservoir organs.


ANIMAL 5. Gelatinous animal, semi-transparent. Its body can be fully segmented to rejoin later. It can regulate the pressure of its vesicles to maintain their shape and consistency.

ANIMAL 6. Its body has a high content of salts and these crystallize rapidly in each position it adoptes and then dissolves again and allow the next movement.


ANIMAL 7. Salt animals. Porous and light. Their movements are as slow as those of the mountains.


ANIMAL 8. It normally presents an altered and violent state. This is easily recognizable because a multitude of dark red blisters appear on its membrane.


ANIMAL 9. Playful and nervous behavior, its body can grow voluntarily in a matter of seconds, this is very useful for it to balance balancing its loads as needed.


ANIMAL 10. Animal that attracts attention for presenting its superficial circulatory system with striking reservoir organs. Despite its appearance it is an extremely sensitive and calm.

Manuel A. Monteserín Lahoz